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02.03.2021 — 11.04.2021
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02.03.2021 — 11.04.2021
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Sadovnicheskaya str., 30 build 1, Moscow

вт–вс с 11:00 до 19:00, сб до 20:00,
чт с 12:00 до 21:00, пн — выходной

In the first years of Soviet power, when Krzhizhanovsky worked in the GOELRO Commission and the State Planning Commission, he wore mostly caps and caps, and with the transition to the post of vice president of the USSR Academy of Sciences, which implied periodic business trips and meetings with foreign politicians and scientists, among his chief felt hats of the most famous European brands began to dominate. In the 1940s, when most men changed their usual suit to military uniform, Krzhizhanovsky, already at a respectable age, begins to wear an academic cap, which can be interpreted not only as an attribute of an elderly scientist, but also as a symbol of the tragedy of war and mourning for the deceased in 1948 wife. At this time, caps and astrakhan hats reappear in his wardrobe.

If we look at G.M. Krzhizhanovsky through the prism of his headdresses, we see a person with almost impeccable taste, modest elegance and unconditional individuality. It is curious that he did not have hats, not only from Soviet factory production, but even hats from Czechoslovakia, which at that time were considered the best in the USSR.

The exhibition presents G. M. Krzhizhanovskaya and Z. P. Krzhizhanovskaya (Nevzorova) hats made by the Italian company Borsalino, the Austrian company P. & C. Habig, custom-made hats, as well as caps, berets and much more.

  • Блокнот «Илья Глазунов. Ленин»

    Блокнот «Илья Глазунов. Ленин»