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On the second floor of the gallery, based on E. Yevtushenko's personal archive and book collection, the poet's creative workshop and library have been recreated, telling about the amazing fate of great talent. The exposition is based on a combination of various types of museum items: portraits, photographs, literary relics, book publications, personal belongings, awards, gramophone records, as well as rare artifacts - piece of the Berlin Wall, brick of the Ipatiev House, where the royal family was shot, Boris Pasternak's book "My Sister - Life" with the author's instructions to the young poet. The undoubted relic is Mark Twain's personal cane, donated to E. Yevtushenko in 1985 by the American Watkins family as the token of gratitude for the poem "Babi Yar", which served as the textual basis for D. Shostakovich's 13th symphony.

The library contains posters, posters, DVDs with recordings of poems performed by the poet, photographs of Yevtushenko's meetings with great contemporaries: G. Böll, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, D. Updike, A. Miller, R. Kennedy, F. Castro, as well as the large collection of books on art. In the open access of the library - 12 books by E. Evtushenko with the author's appeal to the readers. The museum collection presented in the gallery gives the opportunity to touch the atmosphere in which E.Yevtushenko worked, and the demonstration of documentaries about the history of the  museum-gallery creation "The fate of the poet" and "Monologues of E. Yevtushenko in Peredelkino gallery " - to understand the personality of the poet.