• The main building of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia
  • Museum "Presnya"
  • M. Krzhizhanovsky's apartment
  • Museum “Underground Printing House 1905-1906.
  • Evtushenko Museum-Gallery
  • Memorial complex "Katyn"
  • Memorial complex "Mednoe"


Dear Colleagues!

For organizing filming, providing images, creating joint projects or cooperation, please contact the public relations department:

Head of Department: Olga Bakaeva

+7 (929) 60-90-415, +7 (495) 699-09-74

To organize photo and video filming, interviews with the General Director or scientific specialists of the Museum, it is required to draw up a letter on the official letterhead of the organization addressed to the General Director of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia Irina Yakovlevna Velikanova.

The letter must contain the following information:

  • media name
  • preliminary date and time of filming
  • the most complete information about the purpose of filming
  • information on the need to take part in the shooting of a museum specialist
  • subject of filming
  • contact details: phone number, full name of the person in charge

The term for consideration of the request for filming is 5 working days. If you need to resolve operational issues, please call the public relations department of the Museum.

Please note that in order to organize the passage of the film crews, you may need not only your full name, but also your passport data, as well as a list of equipment.

If you need to promptly receive information about the events of the Museum (opening of exhibitions, presentations, etc.), please send a request for inclusion in the newsletter to the address: